Summary of Medicare Plans

Due to a recent review of Medicare's eligibility and processes specifically related to the Better access to mental health care, helping children with autism and the chronic disease plan (formally known as the enhanced primary care plan) it is important to note that allocation of Medicare plans and criteria for eligibility for plans is the responsibility of your GP or Paediatrician. Therefore all patient Medicare plans used at Chatterbox must be consistent with Medicare's guidelines and criteria.

Please refer to the table below for information relating to the correct use of the various Medicare plans:

Chronic Disease Management Plan (formally Enhanced Primary Care Plan) Mental health care plan Helping children with Autism assessment, diagnosis & development of a treatment plan Helping children with Autism treatment plan

Total number of sessions

To a maximum of 5

To a maximum of 10 individual, 6 group



Can I renew this?

Yes, every calendar year

Yes, every calendar year

No, Only valid until prior to the child's 13th birthday

No, Only valid until the child's 15th birthday

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Group sessions

Only 6 Group Mental Health care plan sessions

Referral written by GP

Referral written by Paediatrician

If you have any questions regarding Medicare plans please contact Medicare or GP.