As your child begins the school years journey there are lots of new experiences that they will encounter. During this stage of development many skills being to come together for many children. School will push your child to deal with daily events that require their social and emotional development to be strong. For children with special needs, starting a mainstream school can be very stressful and confronting. Parents can also feel very over-whelmed and stressed wondering if their child is coping in the classroom and the playground. Our Therapists will ensure they have communication with classroom teachers to give them advice on strategies. During group they use a number of different techniques including video segments from the Model Me Kids social program, role playing (including video feedback). Some children who have never had strong friendships often form their first friendship within the group program and then transfer this over to school.

‘Watch Me Grow’ Playing with Friends (Prep – Grade 2)

This group teaches children about basic social skills and friendship skills using various activities. Children learn about making friends, initiating friendship and skills needed to be a good friend. They also learn about topics such as; empathy, team sports, dealing with rejection, comprising, winning and losing, dealing with anger and stress.

‘Watch Me Grow’ Buddies Vs Bullies (Grade 2-6)

This group will move your child through more advanced social skill situations. Children will participate in fun activities and discussions each week on a topic that will encourage them to understand social situations better and work on strategies that can help them through an interaction. There is a strong emphasis on the children learning about themselves; their personalities & behaviours so that they can understand why they react a certain way in different situations. Topics of discussion include; empathy, flexibility, conflict resolution, perspective, positive self talk, anger management, dealing with anxiety and stress, dealing with bullies, choosing the right friend.

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