Autism Spectrum Disorders

Chatterbox's Autism Services are the best choice for your child & family.

At Chatterbox, all of our therapists are highly trained so that they can provide your child with specialized therapy intervention. Our therapists attend professional development seminars and workshops throughout the year so that they can keep up with the latest therapy techniques.

Your child's therapy can be made up of individual sessions, joint speech pathology and occupational therapy sessions and also group therapy sessions.

  • We assess and treat children 0 - 16 years of age
  • Funding options available
  • Little to no waiting list

Support Team

Specialised Staff

Parents can find it difficult and frustrating to find the right service and therapist for your child. This can be especially difficult when you are faced with a diagnosis of ASD. The therapists at Chatterbox are here to make this journey as easy as possible for you and to help your family make the right choices when it comes to therapy for your child.

Supportive Team

Our therapists work very closely together allowing consistency with therapy goals and constant communication with you, your child's educators and any other medical professionals. This multidisciplinary approach allows for a holistic and family centered approach to therapy.

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Autism Assessment Clinic

Chatterbox Autism Assessment Clinic is able to offer families a comprehensive assessment which is considered the gold standard in Autism diagnosis. Little or No Waiting List.

ASD specific Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a vital when implementing a treatment plan for children with ASD. Chatterbox runs specific groups for kids with an ASD. Ask your therapist for more information.

Funding Options

There are some government initiatives available for eligible families. Chatterbox Therapy Services is a provider for these funding options. ADD MORE INFO BUTTON TO CLICK INTO FUNDING PAGE

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